Plants, Lichen & Fungi

Details of our rich plant, lichen and fungi life will appear on these pages. Please report your findings in the ‘submit records’ page and send any photos through the contacts page.

At our AGM in 2008 Ray Woods started the ball rolling by asking for records of 3 red data species that occur / have occured in our study area.

Alpine Clubmoss – none has been found recently in its most southerly site in Britain, between Glan Llyn, south to the filter beds in the Elan Valley.

Wood Bitter Vetch – a red data species in the area.

Ivy-leaved Bell Flower – a red data species in the area.

Ray also commented that a quarter of all the national species of lichens occur in one local square at Nanerth.

As with all these records they will be filtered to avoid having the exact location of vulnerable species advertised on the internet.


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