About Us

‘Rhayader by Nature’ is an enquiring, open to all, local voluntary organisation that explores the natural heritage of Rhayader town and district – from the evidence left by early man to the development of farming and other land uses that have moulded the scenery, to the wild plants and animals that live, or once lived, alongside us and the underlying rocks that provide us with the landscape we see today.

Formed in 2003 and formally constituted in 2007  ‘Rhayader by Nature’  local natural history society has four main aims

  • to raise the profile of the locations important natural heritage
  • to help local people protect and enhance this heritage
  • to provide varied events and activities that expand interest and provide opportunities to exchange knowledge
  • to unveil and document the districts natural heritage for present and future generations through a variety of mediums – leaflets, reports,photographic archives, video and online discussion and recording.

‘Rhayader by Nature’ members receive regular newsletters that report on recent happenings and provide information about planned events, activities and projects to get involved with.

The Rhayader by Nature Study Area

The Rhayader by Nature Study Area


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