Leaf-mining moths

The meeting of 21st October proved to be quite an eye-opener.  Many thanks go to Norman Lowe (Brecknock Moth Recorder) for such an interesting and inspiring morning.

Ten people took part in the search for evidence of moth leaf-miners  –  the evidence being the burrowing galleries and blotches on leaves left by their caterpillars.  With the aid of Norman, and his key to the more common species, twenty-two species were found during the morning.  Norman, keen to find more, stayed on into the afternoon and found a further eight.

Nearly all the thirty species found were new for the site despite many years of light-trapping there.  Clearly leaf mining moths don’t come to light very often, if at all.  All were common and widespread species but Norman went away happy in the knowledge that the  outcome filled a gap in what is known about the distribution of moths.  His hope is that the morning will also inspire others to go in search  –  and send him records of their findings.  Many can be identified from photographs.


Minings of the moth Stigmella aureola within a leaf of bramble


Minings of the moth Tischeria ekebladella within a leaf of oak


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