Fantastic fossils

Jo Botting’s talk (4 Feb) about the fossils of the Rhayader district was fantastic.  A tour of the history of the earth in just over an hour brought us right up to date.  Using images and specimens Jo showed us the sort of fossils we should be on the look out for in the rocks around Rhayader.

Jo told us about the origins of our local rocks  –  laid down as sub-marine muds during the Ordovician and Silurian period 400-450 million year ago  –  and why we need to look closely in order to find fossils.

Jo ended by showing photographs of a spectacular fossil crinoid, a stem with feathery appendages that he found just north of the Elan Valley.

Thank you Jo, you inspired us all with your knowledge and enthusiasm.  You have got hooked so don’t be surprised to here from us again when we need our finds identified.


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