‘Away Day’ to RSPB Ynys Hir Nature Reserve – 6 Sept

We didn’t expect to see one but see one we certainly did !

Twelve of us assembled at Ynys Hir on this  ‘Away Day”.  The weather was perfect and as we set off through the reserve there was certainly a feeling of excitement.  Among our group was an expert on dragonflies and several very sharp birders.

Reports suggested that the last of the Dyfi ospreys had departed, but as we reached the estuary edge at Domen Las there was an osprey as bold as brass.  It sat on a log in the middle of the river as close as one could expect and through the telescopes we could clearly see that it was an adult, and with a blue ring on its leg. It stayed for about an hour, changing its perch twice, then left to the east gaining height as it went.  How long it had been waiting around for us to arrive we have no idea but it showed itself perfectly and on cue.

53 other bird species were seen including green sandpiper (4) and peregrine (2). There was a sprinkle of dragonflies, mostly common darters and some hawkers, six or so common lizards (including 3 young of this year), and among the plentiful invertebrates noted were a few harlequin ladybirds, a wall butterfly and an impressive selection of horseflies and hoverflies.

In the afternoon we went on to the Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust Dyfi Osprey Project centre  –  no ospreys there  –  to report our sighting.

Once agin a fantastic ‘Away Day’   –   can’t wait for the next one.


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