Hibernating lizards

While doing some work on the garden a few days ago two common lizards were found hibernating under an old carpet used as a mulch. The carpet had been there for some years and had a layer of soil over it with grass growing in that. This is the first time in 27 years of ‘gardening’ here that we have found hibernating lizards. They were curled up together, one an adult the other a very tiny last year baby. We have found hibernating newts on many occasions, that’s not unusual, but this incident has set me wondering whether anyone else has ever come across hibernating lizards. I’ll be grateful for any comments via the comments tab below. Thanks


One Response to Hibernating lizards

  1. richknight says:

    Further to my earlier post. Over the last week continued work in the garden has revealed a further 3 adult common lizards and a slow worm. Two of the common lizards were curled up together, the third a few inches away. The slow worm appeared from somewhere close by. All were under plastic sheet (old silage wrap) laid done some years ago to control weeds around the edges of our potato patch.

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