Stonechats were rarely found breeding in this area 20 years ago. Up until the mid noughties they seemed to become more and more widespread.Since this run of wet summers and hard winters began there seems to have been a general decline. I could find none on Gamrhiw yesterday. 5 years ago i would have expected upwards of 6 pairs. Today on Carn Gagallt there were 2 pairs but like at Gamrhiw these were outnumbered by whinchats which in itself is unusual. Perhaps its just a blip or maybe signs that the boom years for this bird have passed? Would be interested to hear of any other records in the area.


One Response to Stonechats

  1. javrich says:

    I saw one stonechat in March at Pont ar Elan. Despite numerous trips around Elan Valley over the past months, I haven’t seen another. Plenty of whinchat as you say. I wonder if they suffered with the very cold spell in early spring. They are being targeted I think by the BTO at present with their Welsh chat survey.

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