UK Moth nights

Moth trapping has been a bit of a challenge this year – with poor weather conditions. Looking at the weather last week it looked like the moth events planned in the area would be a wash out. Luck was in though and a 24 hour window of dry (but windy) weather from Friday afternoon allowed us to set the traps at Nantmel Tip. The theme for this years national moth nights was ‘Brownfield sites’. nantmel tip was the municipal tip until the 1990s and was then capped with clay. Natural re-generation and its location – surrounded by various woodland and marshy habitats made it an ideal choice this year. We caught around 40 species overnight including Radnorshires fourth record of Beautiful Carpet and a nice Clouded Buff. Cinnabar moths were active during the day and we also found a six spot burnet. A few ‘micro moths’ were also found and included Elachista Albifrontella, a Radnorshire first if confirmed.

Blood vein

Peppered moth


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