Sitting out the rain at The Cwm

During the extreme weather we brought upon ourselves last weekend I made a sortie out to see how the wildlife was coping – see accompanying photos. The torrent in the wood brought memories of winter and must have been bad news for much aquatic and bankside wildlife. The strong wind associated with the storm must surely have brought down some birds’ nests along with their contents.   Couple that deluge and those winds with the at times low temperatures of late and the result is the worst possible event for everything along the food chain from aphid to buzzard.  It couldn’t have happened at a worse time. 

I feared that there may be many dead pied flycatcher nestlings in my nestboxes – dead from cold and starvation but inspection of a few boxes yesterday (Tuesday) suggests that pied flycatchers may not have been as badly affected as I feared.  Over the next few days I’ll inspect all 80 of my nestboxes and let you know my findings.






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