(From Pip at Gilfach).Found the first “jelly” of the season at Gilfach today. It was in strings as if squeezed from a toothpaste tube. Next to it, what I at first thought was a black slug, turned out to be a cluster of black “beads” about 1mm dia’. Could this be the two ingredients of frogspawn?


4 Responses to Jelly

  1. steeejones says:

    Hi Pip
    I found some Jelly at the weekend in a ditch behind Llanwrthwl church. I reckon it is frogspawn – a couple of years back I also found some with black beads (like caviar!) next to the remains of a frog.

    • clairemontanaro says:

      We have had this too in spring particularly. I wondered if the black beads found on or near frog remains were signs of otter predation? Frogs had clearly been eaten, with mostly innards remaining.

  2. Janice says:

    Large patch of jelly, nothing more, in the middle of a nearby lane. No sign of frogs either.

  3. pete jennings says:

    its crows eatng frogs and leaving the not very tasty developing frogspawn

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