Nantmel Tip on sunday

We had a successful time at the old Nantmel Tip site on sunday. Three moth traps and lots of mammal traps were set the eveing before and the group set about emptying these whilst some wandered around sweeping for other species.

The site covers a large area and consists of drier sedge covered expanses, a small choked up pond and a marshy area full of meadowsweet, hogweed and angelica. The site also borders more mature  boggy woodland. The final count for moths was 108, caught in 3 traps – including an Old Lady, Gothic, Beautiful hook-tipped and Double Lobed.

Double lobed

In addition to the larger moths a miniscule orange coloured micro-moth Agonopterix conterminella proved to be a first Radnorshire record. Sorcha managed to catch a few Field voles, Common and Pygmy shrews, many plants were identified and birds included Green woodpecker, Whitethroat, Sedge warbler and Willow Tit. The invertebrate experts found some uncommon bugs including one that remained unidentified on the day and was taken away for analysis. A lovely yellow and black longhorn beetle proved to be a rarely seen Radnorshire specimen.

Butterflies and dragonflies were low in number (as seemingly has been the case elsewhere this year?) but we did record Red Admiral, Comma, Meadow Brown, Green veined and small white as well as Brown hawker and Emporer Dragonfly.
A common frog was the lone amphibian.

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