Last Saturday Richard, Gafyn and I spent the morning erecting 6 swift boxes in the tower of St Clements church, Rhayader. The Swift has declined in recent times, partly due to a lack of nesting sites – modern building and renovation of old properties has seen the holes they need blocked up. The church committee kindly agreed to allow us to erect the boxes directly behind 3 of the louvered windows high up on the tower. We carefully cut the chicken wire that currently blocks the windows to allow access to the boxes but preventing access to the tower itself. The church bell no longer rings and has been replaced by a tannoy system, so Gafyn came up with the cunning plan of replacing the bell sound with a CD of swift calls. Over the next couple of weeks we plan to play the CD in the evenings to attract the swifts. As yet Ive only seen a few swifts this year – 5 flying over the house as we packed the gear into the car on saturday morning. My average date for swifts back under the eaves of our house is May 5-8th, so they should be arriving back soon. Hopefully we can add another breeding colony to the town – complimenting the one at The Arches on West Street and on one of the taller houses on Maes y Brenin.


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