Green Woodpeckers, toads et al

The green woodpeckers were in full voice around Craig Llyn this morning, and it was good to know they managed to survive the hard winter.
Unusually, the toads are in the ponds at the same time as the frogs this year and are even laying their ropes in the same place as the frog spawn. The populations look very healthy, and I am seeing greater numbers than I have ever known, still very active. There are lots of newts also.
The barn owl is vocal every night close to the house and the pipistrelles are becoming very active.
Reed buntings are daily visitors at the moment, 7 yesterday (12th March) and the yellowhammers also are here regularly, occasionally in larger number of 9 or more, but usually 2 or 3.
Spotted otter spreint near the big pond three days ago.


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