Frogs @ The Cwm

Yes, plenty of frogs here too.   Gathering at the ponds from Saturday night 5 Feb (c..80) with 150+ by Tuesday 8th and the first few clumps of spawn laid on Monday 7th.. This is only a fraction of the number we expect to count during the coming week. Today (12 Feb) they are particularly noisy and can be heard from the house so I plan to make a count tomorrow.

Wednesday 9th Feb was the first morning I heard song thrush song, joining in with the robins, stock doves, great tits, blue tits and coal tits.  No blackbird song yet but that is normal  –  they are always a good bit later to start than the song thrushes.    Mistle thrush has been singing since the snow went back in January. 

I’ve just made up a stock dove nesting box to put up in our huge old ash tree in the hope that those likely to be made homeless, by the extensive renovations going on at the neighbouring derelict farmhouse and buildings, might like it..


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