Latest birds from Elan Village

From Richard Barrett at Elan Village – During this current spell of cold weather
and more to come by the sound of it, we are getting large numbers of the more common
garden birds – this is today’s count…

Brambling (1)
Greenfinch (2 or 3) [Have had over 24 on the table at once last year]
Siskin (up to 12)
Blackbird (6) [In Jan 2010 we had 34!]
Goldfinch (5)
Nuthatch (3 or 4)
G.S. Woodpecker (Pair)
Fieldfare (1)
Robin (2)
Coal Tit (8 or 10)
Chaffinch (30 – 40) [In Jan 2010 we had over 50]
Blue Tit (20+)
Great Tit (15+)

For info we are in the Elan Village and have 7 peanut feeders, 2 fat-ball feeders, a ground feeder rack and
we put sunflower hearts on the table. The ground feeder has suet, raisins, and sunflower hearts. Our feeders
are on the go all day from dawn to dusk, it’s a full-time job keeping the birds fed at the moment!


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