Strange call

While out this evening walking, heard an unfamiliar call in nearby tree. Although unable to see anything in the gloom, on return home, and checking RSPB site – think it may have been a little owl. Has anyone else seen or heard one in the area?


2 Responses to Strange call

  1. steeejones says:

    Hi Janice
    Ah, the mystery of the elusive Little Owl. According to the records they are seen regularly down the Wye in the Llanwrthwl / Doldowlod area and at Nantglas. I believe Claire Montanaro sees them at Craig Lyn. I have never seen one locally but then I never know exactly where they were seen. I was begining to think they were apparitions! Where did you hear yours? I will keep an eye out if Im passing!

    • javrich says:

      Hi Steve thanks for your reply. I wasn’t sure if anyone had recorded any around here.It really was a surprise, tho I couldn’t see it at all in the gloom, or even a silhouette. It was in the trees along from Llanerchfallen (close to the chicken farm) on the same side, just past the bend. The call was in loud bursts, and seemed to be only approx 10 feet away. Went that way again tonight, but nothing.

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