Latest from The Cwm, Llanwrthwl.

A few more observations from The Cwm. ( by Richard Knight)

First pied flycatcher, blackcap and willow warbler on 8 April, first cuckoo 17th April. 

First redstart of the year, for me, a male singing by the Cwrt, Llanwrthwl on 8th April.

30 scarlet tiger moth caterpillars feeding on the water forget-me-not at the pond by 11 April  –  a fairly typical casual count.  They came out of hiding a good bit later this year (some years they are out and about on the first sunny days of Feb).

First peacock butterfly here was on the 9th April and the first orange tip on the 17th.

{I picked up a dead Bombus monticola bumblebee in the Brecon Beacons last week which I have kept should anyone like to see it  –  keep an eye out for it around here}.


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